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Chad Mark Ross

About Me

Hands on seasoned professional with 14+ years IT related experience and knowledge of both technical and business aspects of technology. Offering a unique combination of creativity and analytical skill with the ability to assess both vantage points to create cost-effective solutions for internal and external clients. Known for my ability to understand how end users utilize systems while creating solutions that satisfy business objectives and optimize processes.

Specializing In:

  • IT & Business Intelligence Consulting
  • Application Design
  • UX Design
  • Process Optimization

A Little History

Originally from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, I graduated from Carpenter High School in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan in 1996. I was always drawn to the arts growing up and was actively involved in music & drama. As a result, I had set forth down the road of becoming a graphic designer when I graduated high school. After some time at Red Deer College in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program my well thought out path was diverted; I entered the workforce.

I spent the next several years teaching myself programming in my spare time. I started with HTML and eventually moved on to object oriented languages like Visual Basic. I spent some time in the cell phone industry in both sales and management. It was here that I solidified my love of technology. The more I learned the more I wanted to learn.

It was when I came to work for SSI Solutions, now known as F12 Networks, that I began to find my niche. Over the years I found that I was very good at streamlining and automating business processes. I eventually took charge of the internal application development. My job was to design and manage the development of our custom line of business applications. I took business pain points and addressed them through processes and application reinforcement. Being able to see both the technical and the usability sides of the puzzle is what has provided me with success.

Next came my time with Eden Textile where I modernized their it infrastructure and implemented new software to run the sales organization. Based on my success in helping Eden Textile, I was asked to manage the IT for their sister company DSL Ltd. At DSL, i completely revamped their entire IT infrastructure and implemented new Field Service Management software to allow them to grow and manage more customers and technicians with the same amount of administrative staff. Toward the end of my time with Eden Textile, I also helped to implement a whole new ERP system that will act as the platform to take them into the future.

At Pleasant Solutions, I am one of the Senior Business Analysts. My job here is to work with customers to define their custom software development needs and create cost effective and unique solutions for them. I do this by understanding their needs and pain points and creating custom solutions that allow them to streamline processes and maximize profits.

Whether is be designing a new web site, implementing a line of business application or a new business process, I believe technology is capable of propelling small businesses beyond their inherent glass ceilings. Small businesses make up 90% of the businesses in Canada, so it is a market that is vastly untapped.